Brian Moaddeli – #1 Best Selling Book on Amazon

My new book has become a #1 best selling book on Amazon. The book shares a lot of unique experience that is valuable to any CEO who depends on the Internet for leads. Below is a quick description and a link to download a free copy.

Title: 30 Minute Guide To Hiring A Great Online Marketing Company: 7 Hard Truths Every CEO Needs to Know That Only Another CEO Can Tell You

Have you ever hired an online marketing company or consultant and found that it was a total waste of money?

Have you hired a company with a great reputation but not seen the results you expected?

Are you managing your online marketing in-house but you know you could do it better if you had the right partner?

Are you worried you have no idea what the return is on the money you’re spending online?

If you’ve been frustrated in the past and want to know how to find great partners that can produce real results for your business, then my book is for you.