Map Out Your Success

“In preparing for battle I have in every case discovered that plans are useless, however planning is indispensable.”

from DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER – 34th U.S. President
1. Determine the exact issue you’re solving.
This is the most important thing to know about your business. Every thing you do from this moment on out will be an element in correcting this dilemma.
2. Determine Precisely what You’re Marketing
Although, you’re receiving payment on your product or service, that’s not what you’re advertising. You need to promote the advantages to what you’re providing. Let them understand how you are resolving their dilemma.
3. Analyze your Service or Create your Product.
Learn the way different companies are offering their product or service. Study their business model and everything that they’re doing. Then simply copy their success.
4. Estimate your set-up expenditures.
You’ll want to know precisely the amount to get on track. Once you have a number written down, discard it and make it twice as much. You will typically have unexpected fees.
5. Resolve Your Pricing for your Product or Service.
One way to value it is to determine your full price per unit. Then merely mark it up. A better approach to value it is to figure out the actual value to your customers and value it accordingly.

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